Stripes + Sweaters

While I do love summer I MUCH prefer dressing for fall. There are so many layering options and I'm a jean + jacket addict. Not to mention, I just hate wearing shorts. 

So, I'm currently WAY too into the mom jeans.

I recently got these from HelloLuvvy and they are SO comfortable. I love the loser fit and the high waist. 

ALSO - they are having a 30% off sale {online only} today and tomorrow! Just use the code fallfaves30. 

TJ + Target + Hello Luvvy Style

Loving the hem on these. And incase you missed my last post - the jeans I wore in it were also from HelloLuvvy and are another pair of my faves.

TJ + Target + Hello Luvvy Style

Let's talk stripes because they are a must!

TJ + Target + Hello Luvvy Style

Stripes are an absolute staple and necessity in your wardrobe. They are what a like to call an "evergreen" item. ;) Aka they are ALWAYS in style. This striped top is from Target. It's from their newer line, A New Day. It's a slim fitted elbow sleeve turtleneck so it's a little different than the other 5 striped shirts I own, right? ;) 

One of my favorite things about wearing a turtleneck is that you don't have to worry about finding a necklace. You can just throw on some gold hoop earrings and you're good to go! These are from Amazon and I wear them ALL the time.

Also, this particular top is a little longer than your average shirt so its easy to tuck in and looks great with jeans or a holiday skirt.

TJ + Target + Hello Luvvy Style
TJ + Target + Hello Luvvy Style

Another great thing about stripes is that there are SO many ways to layer them. I really like to layer my striped shirts with a bomber jacket or a chunky cardigan like the one above. I bought this one at TJ Maxx just a few weeks ago for $20! I've linked a similar one below.

TJ + Target + Hello Luvvy Style

I love easy and casual outfits!

What are some of your favorite things to layer?

Are you also a stripes lover?


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