New Year New Learnings

This year was the best. I got a name change - LET'S GO. 

It was filled with A LOT of lasts but the most exciting firsts. 

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It was my last semester of college at the University of Arkansas, my last Mom's Day, my last semester in Tridelt, my last Spring Break, the list goes on!

I was in my best friends wedding in January, graduated in May AND accepted a full-time job at Collective Bias. I had wedding showers all summer and along with three of my best friends having babies. I wrapped up the final wedding details (and still managed to miss some things), the week before the wedding and didn't get a pinch of sleep until after the wedding.

Then on September 23rd I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend. 

 I have seen the Lord's hand on and in every area of 2017. 

On New Year's Day Sam and I sat together and wrote our New Years Resolutions. I know their is often a negative stigma around those but I love setting goals that help me position myself for success and growth in the next year.

Stripes | 90's Look | The Simplistic Chic

New year new learnings

  1. I want to learn about Christ in turn learning more about myself. I am hoping to accomplish this by reading my Bible at least 3 times a week excluding Sunday's. I always like to have a measurable priority. 
  • One thing that my church does that I LOVE is have the congregation choose a word to define their year. This is a little bit easier to do than coming up with a list of goals you think you might fail at. Last year my word was "wholesome," not the most glamorous one but something I desired my life to look like and my heart and mind to be filled with. I think I failed more than I succeeded at recalibrating my life to look like this but I still learned a lot from it.

2. I want to learn more about blogging. I am hoping to do this by attempting to blog at least twice a week. There's definitely some flexibility there but this is something I love and if its something I'm going to continue I want to have some sort of consistency. 

  • I cannot believe I started this guy in July! It's been a HUGE learning experience (which is why I'm excited to learn even more) but also one of the most rewarding ones.

3. I want to learn more about deep friendships

  • Sam and I have committed to spending time investing in at least 5 couples ( spending time with each couple once a month), throughout the year. Several of these couples are people we consider to be our best friends and hope to grow closer to while others are people we hardly know and want to get to. We "borrowed" ;) this idea from some of our friends. 

4. I want to learn more about overall health

  • I have already started doing this by working out 3 times a week and finding healthier recipes to make. I am hoping to continue working out 3 times a week and am only making one carb based meal a week (verses the 3 I was making - not even kidding #pastaforthewin). 
Stripes | 90's Look | The Simplistic Chic
Stripes | 90's Look | The Simplistic Chic

What did you learn last year?

What are some things that you hope to learn and do in 2018? 


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