Neutral Necessity

Guys, this month is so hectic for the Blankenships. It seems that any time we get a break in our hectic schedule another incredible opportunity comes up. 

I know there's power in saying no, and we do quite often, but sometimes we just get ahead of ourselves and want to help in whatever ways we can. 

In addition to the 10x10 challenge I completed a few weeks ago. *post coming soonish..* <--- real life I also took a little 30 day shopping fast. 

Neutral Necessity | The Simplistic Chic
Neutral Necessity | The Simplistic Chic

As many of you know, the 10x10 challenge really helped me re-evaluate the purchases I was making and what items were "missing" from my closet. 

Let me explain, before I had even selected my 10 items for the challenge as I was rummaging through my closet I realized that I didn't have any staple pieces for winter. What I DID have was an excess of clothes and $10-$15 sale shirts that I never wore. 

Neutral Necessity | The Simplistic Chic
Neutral Necessity | The Simplistic Chic

A few days into the 10x10 challenge I was able to identify what items I was missing in my closet. Items, that I would wear throughout the seasons and not just once a month. Don't get me wrong I still have my funky original pieces. 

For instance. something I realized I'd really like to have in my closet were silk scarves. I love the look of silk scarves either tied around your neck or ponytail. 

I thought this list would grow rapidly overtime but it hasn't. It's actually really small. It's helped me focus on the few things I'd like to add to my closet and maybe even splurge on a bit rather than spending a little more here and there in every store I step foot in. 

Neutral Necessity | The Simplistic Chic

This outfit is so comfy and cozy especially for how cold the weather has been lately. 

This sweater is sold out but I've linked a similar one below. These jeans are amazing. So comfortable and AEO is having buy one get one 50% off. WORTH IT. My shoes were from Marshall's but I've linked an even cheaper, cuter pair below. Lastly, this hat is from Amazon and I absolutely love it but it's a little big. 

What do you do to prevent yourself from overspending or shopping?


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