My Nighttime Skincare Routine

This post has been sponsored by VII Code but all opinions are my own.

Skincare has always been a big topic of conversation amongst the women in my family. All the women in my family have fantastic skin and my mom taught me the importance of an eye cream and moisturizer early on.

I cringe when I think back to the times in high school, and a few times in college when I would go to bed without taking my makeup off.

I wanted to share my quick and easy nighttime skincare routine as I believe having some sort of consistency is key to healthy skin.

  1. Wash Your Face

    As much as I hate taking the time to wash my face it is so important. Leaving leftover makeup on your skin overnight tends to clog your pores and can result in breakouts. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | The Simplistic Chic

2. Apply Your Moisturizer (face + lip)

As I mentioned, applying moisturizer before bed was a lesson I learned early on. I have only seen the benefits of using moisturizer as my skin tends to be a bit dry in all seasons so I need that extra hydration.

In addition to applying moisturizer on my face I have a special one I use for my lips as I am an avid lipstick wearer which dries out my lips throughout the day.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | The Simplistic Chic
My Nighttime Skincare Routine | The Simplistic Chic

3. Apply Eye Spray

As a bit of a night owl… or a bit of a perfectionist, I spend the evenings playing with my dogs, watching basketball games with my husband or cleaning my house (which I enjoy), this can all leave me up too late resulting in baggy and dark under eyes in the morning.

I have shared about VIICode with you all before and their products are a must in my nighttime skincare routine. I have recently started using the VIICODE O2.0 Oxygen Hydrating Eye Spray. This spray not only helps tighten and maintain skin moisture, but it also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s so easy, spray it 2-3 times under your eyes and help blend it under your eye so your skin fully absorbs it; then you’re good to go.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | The Simplistic Chic

4. Use an Oxygen Eye Mask

Eye masks have become a vital part of my nighttime skincare routine. They, in addition to an eye spray, have really helped restore the hydration in the skin under my eyes. This O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles works incredibly well and leaves my skin feeling refreshed as this mask helps eliminate dark circles and puffiness. My skin becomes brighter and I have a more even complexion. If you use them once a month you’ll be good to go. I also use the O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for all night repair.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | The Simplistic Chic

Nighttime skincare routines don’t have to be a drab or a big ordeal, but they are important to your overall skincare health.

What is your nighttime skincare routine?

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