Marie Kondo Closet Clean Out

It’s real. I have jumped on the Marie Kondo + KonMari Method bandwagon and its worth it.

If you have NO idea what I’m talking about - you need to watch the show OR read the book.

Sam and I are 3 months away from moving into our first home, WOOHOO! And after watching three episodes of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo I realized there were little things I could start doing now to make things easier for us down the road.

Marie Kondo Tidying Method | The Simplistic Chic
Marie Kondo Tidying Method | The Simplistic Chic

Konmari method (just clothes) Overview:

  1. Gather EVERY article of clothing that you own and place it on your bed.

    • I actually had to this without Sam because he’s more attached to some of my clothes than I am.

  2. Hold each and EVERY item and if it sparks joy (if you love it, love wearing it, love how it looks on you, love how it makes you feel, etc.) then keep it, but if it doesn’t you can donate it, sell it or give it away.

    • I loved going through my clothes and picking out clothes that looked more like my friends than they did me. It has been so fun to get to give away some clothes I didn’t care for, but that my friends love.

    • Getting rid of expensive items I never wear was a bit challenging. I felt guilty getting rid of something I had paid too much money for, but never wore. This has definitely helped me be more mindful with my new purchases.

  3. Fold and place the items you are keeping so that you can see what all you have.

    • This was a trick I had never heard of or done before. Before, I was hanging all my jeans up, but in an effort to organize things in a way I could see what all I had, I folded them all and placed them into some plastic shelves within out closet.

    • Marie Kondo is AMAZING at fitting items into boxes for organization. I used that method when it came to my undergarments. See below. Have you ever seen a shared undergarments draw so organized? I just used old birchbox’s I had until we move and I know what space I will have there.

Marie Kondo Tidying Method | The Simplistic Chic
Marie Kondo Tidying Method | The Simplistic Chic


  1. I got rid of 86 articles of clothing. This showed me that I was buying things that I didn’t love and perhaps bought on impulse. Moving forward I am going to more conscious of my purchases.

  2. I don’t need something just because its on sale, I’m sure many of you can relate! Just because something is on sale, and is high quality, doesn’t mean its worth the purchase.

  3. After cleaning out my closet I felt the need to replenish some items that I had let go of, so instead I took it to the extreme and put myself on a spending freeze for the month of January.

Marie Kondo Tidying Method | The Simplistic Chic

Overall, I highly recommend the KonMari Method.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and get rid of things that don’t bring you joy.

Watch the show OR Read the book.

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