Fall Lipstick Recs (moisturizing not matte)

Fall Weather is UPON us. Almost 3 weeks late, but it made it to cooler temps!

If you’re like me you suffer from chapped lips during the cooler seasons and it can be rough to wear any sort of lipstick.

I’m ALL about the fall colors, tones, shades and I’m not gong to let dry lips keep me from matching my lipstick to my sweater. You know what I mean?

I realized this dry lip situation was fairly common for most woman so I’m including my favorite NON-drying lipsticks for fall/winter below.

Fall Lipstick Recs | The Simplistic Chic
Fall Lipstick Recs | The Simplistic Chic
  1. Jane Iredale - Triple Luxe

    I only have 3 colors of this lipstick, but it hasn’t dried out my lips and its long lasting. My favorite color is Molly but I think Ella and Jamie are the perfect fall colors.

  2. Milani - Statement Matte

    I know that the description says Matte but it’s not drying. I love how light and glossy this lipstick is. I have it in Matte Naked. What can I say? I’m just super into nudes.

  3. Gloss - Glossier | Ulta Lip Oil

    I am a huge fan of this new gloss thing.

    Glossier - The thickest, longest lasting lip gloss I have ever tried. I tend to wear this on its own and absolutely love how long it lasts.

    Ulta Lip Oil - I have this in the Cranberry & Pomegranate scent and it feels amazing. It isn’t as long lasting as the glossier lipgloss but its perfect for giving my lips a little bit of color and whole lot of moisture.

Fall Lipstick Recs | The Simplistic Chic

While I do wear some of my matte lipsticks in the fall/winter I definitely have to cut back as my lips just got destroyed if I wear matte lipsticks more than once or twice a week.

Fall Lipstick Recs | The Simplistic Chic

What are some of your favorite brands and shades of lipsticks to wear in the fall and winter?

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