Let's Get Them Married

Let's Get Them Married

Today, I am getting to share one of the sweetest proposals I had the honor being a part of. 

Shortly after starting this blog Nate reached out to Sam (my ultimate instagram fiancé -- husband in 5 days PTL) and asked him to take some pictures of he and Haley with their dogs. We never got the opportunity to do so with our crazy schedules but we got to be part of something even more special - their engagement! 

Nate, is one of the goofiest people I know. He could hold a conversation with just about anyone and never runs out of hilarious stories to tell! Haley, is one of the sweetest and as Nate has stated, prettiest ladies you'll ever meet. She's always smiling and, like Nate, can hold a conversation with anyone. 


Nate proposed at the Centennial Caboose in Rogers, AR. His mom and future mother-in-law set up all of the incredible decor. Making this location the PERFECT one. He walked Haley through the Caboose and proposed to her on the right side of it as they were exiting!


Obviously, Haley was a little surprised!

Sam and I could not be more excited for these two incredible people! 

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