Leather Jacket Lovin'

TBT to a few weeks ago when I mentioned being in the market for a new leather jacket. 

Well... I found "the one" !!

I want to put to rest a common misconception - having good style doesn't have to be complicated. It's not about having the most expensive items or the craziest combinations its about wearing things that make you feel great because we know you already look great. ;) 

I wanted to share this outfit to help show you the simplicity in finding/having good style.

Leather Jacket Lovin' | The Simplistic Chic
Leather Jacket Lovin' | The Simplistic Chic

A leather jacket + fitted jeans = Lookin' good and feelin' good. 

Yes, it's that easy!

If skinny jeans aren't your thing, that's okay! Just find a pair that fit you well and that you feel good in! 

These jeans are from TJ Maxx, they have my favorite jean selection and I wear this any time I'm feeling extra sassy. 

These leather jacket is from Forever 21 it was $10 in store but is online for $24? I would say go check your local store before buying it online! It fits so well and I love layering it with simple sweater, t-shirts, etc. 

Leather Jacket Lovin' | The Simplistic Chic

I have lived in these booties since I got them. They are my all-time favorites from Hello Luvvy and are on sale for $24. Does it get any better? You can wear them with anything! They come up over my ankles and I have been digging the look lately. 

Leather Jacket Lovin' | The Simplistic Chic
Leather Jacket Lovin' | The Simplistic Chic

This top is from the Fayetteville Dillard's during the New Years Day Sale, any other fans?! It's BCBG. You can get it in black online here (it's an extra 40% off on their website) or in-store at Dillard's! It's sleeveless making it super easy to layer! I just LOVE the turtleneck on it. 

What type of clothing items make you feel your best?


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