Keeping Summer Simple

It's official we are almost 2 weeks post-Romania. I cannot believe how fast it came and went and I am so grateful for every second of it, even though some of those seconds were difficult. 

While we were there, and even before we left to head there, I knew that after we came back we needed to simplify our lives and our schedules. It seemed that every night we were going to another commitment or checking off our list of obligations. Now, before we agree to do something we go through a little mental checklist. 

Napier Collective | The Simplistic Chic

1. Are we agreeing to go to, or do something out of guilt?

Sadly, guilt was a big driver for many of our decisions. Most times it drove us to be exhausted and resentful. 

Napier Collective | The Simplistic Chic

2. Is this commitment something we are passionate about? 

Let's face it committing to things typically entails more than just a one-time meeting. If it's not something that we are passionate about or see as being beneficial we aren't going to do it. 

Napier Collective | The Simplistic Chic

3. What are we saying no to by saying yes to this?

The commitments we had before Romania made little room for friends and even less time for each other. In order to spend time together we had to stay up late which often meant we were exhausted in the morning. We've heard MANY times that during your first year of marriage you have to fight to keep your time together protected and boy is that true!

Napier Collective | The Simplistic Chic

What are some ways you have simplified your life?

Outfit Details: 

For some reason Sam and I can coordinate outfits on any given day but coming up with outfits for this shoot was HARD. Loving this fun little photo shoot with Jamie Napier and Lissa Chandler

I ended up settling with an adorable halter top from Zara, some American Eagle  Mom jeans, my favorite Franco Sarto slides and light pink bomber.  

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