5 Simple Tips On How I Keep My Teeth White
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If you know me you  know that I drink a coffee and a few glasses of sweet tea just about everyday. If you care about keeping your teeth white and in good condition then this is probably a struggle for you too.

I want to share some tips and tricks on how I maintain white teeth while continuing to drink and eat the foods I enjoy, along with a ** giveaway of a free whitening system ** 

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Smile Brilliant | The Simplistic Chic

1. Get an Electronic Toothbrush

My dentist recommended I get an electronic toothbrush and I've actually noticed a difference in the amount of plaque (gross, right?) it's helped remove.

2. Floss... (I know, it is the worst)

It wasn't until I actually started flossing that I started noticing a difference in how my gums looked. Flossing was one of those habits I had to force myself to start doing and once I started seeing results I saw the value in it. Side note - I use the floss picks because I just won't floss otherwise. 

3. Invest in a reliable Teeth Whitening System

I use the Smile Brilliant whitening system and I absolutely love it. I have the system for sensitive teeth, not only is it affordable but it actually works. With just 4 uses (that's hardly anything), for 45 minutes I can already see a huge difference. 



4. Use a straw

While using a straw can be a bit inconvenient it definitely helps prevent the sugar and coloring in whatever you're drinking from directly hitting your teeth. This is important especially during the teeth whitening process as your teeth are even more prone to staining during this time. 

Smile Brilliant | The Simplistic Chic

5. Whiten weekly before bed

I whiten my teeth once or twice a week every week. I pop in my custom fitted whitening trays for around 45 minutes before I head to bed. This is the best time to whiten your teeth as you normally won't be eating or drinking anything in those last few moments before bed. 

Smile Brilliant | The Simplistic Chic

Whitening at home is so convenient and easy. I've seen great improvement in the overall health of my teeth and I cannot wait to continue using my Smile Brilliant whitening system. 

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What are some things you do to whiten your teeth at home?

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