Honest Mascara Review

Mascara is my go-to. Even if I decide to not to wear make-up one day I'll typically put on mascara. However, I have the HARDEST time finding one that doesn't flake, doesn't clump and actually lengthens my eye lashes.

I recently received Grande Mascara from Influenster for testing purposes. 

Grande Mascara | The Simplistic Chic

Here's a photo of me without the primer or mascara on. I've been using their Eyelash Enhancing Conditioning Treatment and ya'll it's ACTUALLY been working. It's a little expensive ranging from $40-60 depending on the retailer.

Grande Mascara | The Simplistic Chic

Here's a photo with the Primer and Mascara on. It doesn't clump but I'm still not a pro on using it. The primer is great for lengthening but the mascara doesn't fully cover the white residue it leaves. 


It lengthens, doesn't clump, doesn't run 


Hard to apply, primer dries VERY fast, can not apply multiple coats

Grande Mascara | The Simplistic Chic

Overall, this is not my favorite mascara but I did love the opportunity to try and review it!

Also.. shoutout to my super chapped lips. #reallife

What's your favorite mascara?

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