Gingham and Game Day

Here in Northwest Arkansas game days are a big deal. HUGE deal.

People rent out houses months in advance in order to come into town for games if they don't live close by. 

Gingham and Game Day | The Simplistic Chic

Sam and I quite literally planned our wedding around the football schedule. It was one of those things we just knew we had to do!

All that to say, going to games is one of Sam's favorite things to do and going to tailgates is one of mine. I absolutely love dressing up for games, primarily in the fall, but nonetheless it's so much fun. 

Gingham and Game Day | The Simplistic Chic

I'm obsessed with gingham right now and well a good AR graphic tee is a must. 

In this summer heat I opted for a gingham skirt and my fave AR tee. I like to think that my hair can handle the heat of a football game... but it can't, so I always end up throwing it up into a high pony. 

Gingham and Game Day | The Simplistic Chic

This look is so simple but very chic!

What is your game day go-to outfit?


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