Foundation Frenzy

If you're anything like me you love trying and sampling new makeup. It really doesn't matter what the product is I'll give it a try! I was able to test bareMinerals Made-2-Fit foundation. 

I received this product for free for testing purposes but all opinions are my own. 

bareMinerals Foundation | The Simplistic Chic

I downloaded the Made-2-Fit app (SUPER simple), and took a scan of my face so it could depict the right color, undertone, texture, etc. This was the first foundation I've ever used an app for and it was so cool! 

The foundation comes with your name personalized on the bottle, I just love that cheesy stuff.

bareMinerals Foundation | The Simplistic Chic

The color ACTUALLY matched my face perfectly. The foundation isn't too heavy but its not sheer and light either. I really like how easily it can be blended and how its long lasting. 

The top 3 things I take into consideration when I buy a foundation are

  1. The price - As I mentioned, I received this product for free but it retails for $49 so it's definitely on the more expensive side. 
  2. The reviews or my friends experience - This product was brand new when I received it, but actually read this article and found is so fascinating. I think that article is a great resource if you still want to know more about this app and its capabilities on matching your skin tone. 
  3. The brand - I absolutely love bareMinerals so I was stoked to get to try this product. I trust this brand and their high quality products.
bareMinerals Foundation | The Simplistic Chic

p.s. Here's to my attempt at a non-creepy close-up of my unedited skin with the foundation on. LOL.

I hope you found this helpful!

What are some of your favorite foundations right now? 

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