Dusty Floral in Central Park + 3 Suggestions for Light Packing

If you’re new to my blog than you’ve missed my New York spamming. ;)

My husband and I recently celebrated our One Year Anniversary in the amazing New York City.

When packing for this trip I made an effort to pack outfits we could shoot but that I’d also be comfortable walking at least 10 miles in per day.

This outfit is one of my faves from the trip!

Floral in Central Park | The Simplistic Chic
  1. Pack Comfy BUT Cute Tennis Shoes

    Trying to do like the New Yorkers do and wear my “commuter shoes” aka my favorite white adidas.

We actually did end up walking about 10 miles a day and these held up so well! Shoutout to TJ Maxx. But on the real, don’t bother packing cute heels. My mules started to irritate me after a few hours so I ended up wearing these all week.

Floral in Central Park | The Simplistic Chic

2. Bring a Leather OR Jean Jacket

When all you can pack is a carry-on pack a jacket you can wear with everything you’re packing. I decided to bring my favorite jacket because leather is the best, right? I knew I could this jacket with most if not all of the outfits I had packed and it was warm enough that I could wear it on the colder days we were there for.

Floral in Central Park | The Simplistic Chic

3. Pack Tops/Pants You Can Wear With Several Things

This might be a self explanatory tip but it’s one I often forget. If I’m going to be gone for 5 days I pack enough tops for 7 its just a little excessive. I’ve noticed that the airlines are totally cracking down on the size of your carry-on so light packing is a must.

Floral in Central Park | The Simplistic Chic

All in all this outfit and these pieces served me well during our time in New York. I was able to pack light and didn’t have to stress about my suitcase being jam packed and not fitting in the overhead compartment. We’ve all been there, right?

Also, if you haven’t made plans to visit Central Park while you’re in NYC you absolutely should. We spent several hours of one of our days here and then walked to The Met.

Peep below for my ‘met steps’ picture.

Floral in Central Park | The Simplistic Chic


What are your favorite things to pack when your packing light?

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