Baby Shower | Pancake Bar + Momosa Bar + Decor

Some of my very best friends are preparing to welcome their son into the world in September. 

I had the honor of co-hosting a shower for them. 

My co-host and I decided to go with a brinner (breakfast for dinner) theme. 

Pancake Bar + Momosa Bar



I cannot take any credit for how adorable this Pancake Bar turned out! Afsaneh (my co-host) did an incredible job. I just made the signage which I will include at the bottom of this post!

One of my favorite things about the shower was the Momosa Bar (spin on Mimosa, I promise I can spell). Another incredible execution by Afsaneh!



I made this confetti with the leftover construction paper from the design a few picture below! It was the perfect way to tie in all of the colors and add some decor to the table.

I'm sure that being a new mom can be difficult and challenging at times so I created a quick and easy little encouragement box! 

I purchased this adorable little box from Hobby Lobby and added some gray crinkle confetti.


Sadly, I didn't get any great images of the rest of the decor but I wanted to include my little Pinterest inspired "shower" (get It?) 

If I had more time I would've added more streamers, balloons, and cut out some more rain drops but overall it turned out really well! 


All decor was from Hobby Lobby/Amazon. Apart from the frames - I purchased those at Dollar General and spray painted them gold. 

I bought several different shades of construction paper and cut out rain drops and then taped them onto the twine (I recommend hot gluing them). My fiance taped the balloons above the arch but I would recommend pinning them!

We also bought streamers and twisted them then taped them at the top and bottom.


I designed all of the graphics on canva and just resized them accordingly.

See below! 


If you have any questions about how we did things feel free to reach out and thank you for reading all the way through. :)

What are some of your favorite shower hacks?

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