[Caped] Romper

I absolutely LOVE rompers. They're easy and (almost) hassle free, ladies you know what I mean. When Sam and I were taking pictures of this outfit I was joking around about my cape but come to find out that's what these little guys are called. 

I picked this romper up at TJ Maxx last week. It's not online, YET, but there were numerous styles/options so I'm confident you'll be able to find it or something similar to it!

These shoes are also from TJ Maxx and were a whopping $15. There are so many reasons I LOVE this place. 


I got this hat super on sale at Urban but I found a similar one online at Lulu's and it's even a little cuter!

If you have dozens of summer weddings, a date night or girls night out this is an easy and inexpensive look to achieve. 

What is your summer outfit go-to?


Caped Romper | Shoes | Hat

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