Buyer's Remorse

Cause of Buyer's Remorse

Buyer's remorse became a real thing for me, especially right before I got married. I began to really evaluate my purchase patterns. I most often found myself buying things during my lunch break at work. I wouldn't just be buying one or two things I'd be buying 10-15 things. For me, Buyer's remorse often occurred as I would purchase unnecessary things like that $15 top, or $30 shoes and gosh I can't forget about that cute $8.99 frame!!

Stripes and Jumpsuits | The Simplistic Chic

As many of you know, I participated in the #10x10challenge last winter and it was a game changer. I took the challenge a step further and forced myself (but really), not to make any personal purchases for 30 days. That was TOUGH, but it totally helped me re-evaluate and notice my shopping patterns. 

Stripes and Jumpsuits | The Simplistic Chic

How to Combat Buyer's Remorse

Here are a few little things I put into place to help combat my buyer's remorse.

1. Make a list of things you want/need..

I use the word "need" loosely because, well most times I think I need something I really don't... lol

2. Only buy things off of the list you made

This helped me eliminate impulse purchases and if I wanted a more expensive item I could purchase that instead of buying a few small things that were cheap and cheaply made. This also helped me think through my purchases and instead of buying something I liked in the moment I would sleep on it! 

3. Return anything you haven't worn in a week

If you're like me you'll be surprised at how many things you end up taking back! If I loved an item enough to buy that then surely I love it enough to wear it in a week. right?!

Stripes and Jumpsuits | The Simplistic Chic

I have found so much joy in having less!

This concept doesn't just have to apply to clothes but it can be anything like hair products! Right, ladies?!

This lifestyle has allowed me to spend less while investing in more staple and quality pieces. 

What are some ways you've simplified or cut down on your buying?

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