Brush It Off Your Shoulders
Off The Shoulder Top | The Simplistic Chic

This summer has moved at the FASTEST pace, especially after getting a puppy.

p.s. the sun is reallll my eyes are so dang sensitive to it

Our lives have changed a little more than I thought they would, but #noregrets. We absolutely love Theodore we just can't be gone for more than 4 hours with his age. I feel bad for leaving him home at all. 

Off The Shoulder Top | The Simplistic Chic

If you've read any of my blogs you know that Sam and I treasure our Saturday mornings although we don't get to spend enough of them together. A few weeks ago we had a free Saturday together and we spent it doing our favorite thing - brunching and then going to The Farmer's Market. 

Off The Shoulder Top | The Simplistic Chic

Arsaga's is one of our favorite brunch places. Whether we go to the Depot or "Baby Arsagas" aka "Toast Arsaga's" aka "Yellow Arsaga's" we always find ourselves ending up there. After brunch we went to the Fayetteville Farmer's Market (my personal fave), and grabbed some veggies and flowers for the week. It's just a must! The flowers range from $5-$12 and the arrangements are the prettiest ones I've EVER seen!

Off The Shoulder Top | The Simplistic Chic

With the crazy heat I decided to wear an off the shoulder top and I'm so glad I did! This one is sold out but I've linked similar ones below. 

These are my favorite mom jeans from AE and they are SO cheap right now. 

I love a simple outfit. Don't you? 


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