Simple Look (Blazer + Crop Top)

Does this blazer look familiar?

Simple Fall Look (Blazer + Crop Top) | The Simplistic Chic

It’s been featured on the blog before and it’s safe to say I am in love with it.

Blazers made a comeback last year and I’m still a big fan of incorporating them into my outfits.

Simple Fall Look (Blazer + Crop Top) | The Simplistic Chic

Much like the title of this blog post my outfits tend to be as minimalist and simple as possible. In the last several years I’ve actually stopped wearing most all of my necklaces and bracelets and tend to just throw on some hoop earrings, a watch and my rings.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to wear a crop top. While I think they are cute I wanted to make sure I balanced how much skin I was showing. If you’re wearing a crop top I would recommend wearing some high waisted or higher waisted jeans.

These jeans in particular are from Darcy Apparel and make my list of top 5 fave jeans ever owned. They are high rise, a must for me, but also have the darker denim wash stripe down the side making them unique.

If you couldn’t tell I very carefully picked out my outfits for this quick little trip, wanting to maximize our time there, but also use it as a blogging opportunity and this outfit was one of my faves + comfiest throughout our few days in NYC.

Simple Fall Look (Blazer + Crop Top) | The Simplistic Chic

I’m all for those win-win situations!


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