Billie Review

I found Billie through an Instagram account I follow. #influencermarketing am I right? I’ve heard different people talk about Billie and their love for it.

After spending $20 every month or so on new razor blades I decided it was time to see what all the hype was about.

My Billie Review | The Simplistic Chic
My Billie Review | The Simplistic Chic

For my first order I got the Billie Blush Razor, this was before they came out with the DreamPop one which I am obsessed with.

I also purchased the Sudsy Body Wash and the Dry-Bye Lotion.

Billie Blush Razor - The blade is truly amazing. The blade is lined with aloe shave soap making your shave smooth and effective. The blades are sharp and ACTUALLY work. You can subscribe to getting (4) replacements blades for *$9* based on how frequently you shave. My subscription is set up for every other month and you can skip at anytime for no fee. The magnetic Billie handle that comes with the razor is amazing. It sticks on your shower with what Billie calls “magic putty” (truly magic).

Sudsy Body Wash - I’ve never been a big shaving cream gal, I’ve just always used my body wash. I personally think shaving cream is a waste of money as it runs out fast and is so expensive. My skin has recently started reacting to different body washes. I purchased this one from Billie knowing that their products are free of toxins and other bad additives. I love the texture of this body wash - a little goes a LONG way and my skin hasn’t reacted to it. Yay!

Dry-Bye Body Lotion - I absolutely love this lotion. It’s not sticky and is perfect for right when you get out of the shower or need a little moisturizing throughout the day. It has a pretty strong scent so if you’re not into that then I wouldn’t recommend it. Going back to what I said earlier, this lotion is safe and made of great ingredients so I feel confident putting it on my body.



If you think that the website is incredible just wait until you see the packaging. I’m not going to ruin it for you so go put your first order in and see for yourself.


$9 for a RAZOR and 4 replacements BLADES?! Ya’ll know that’s low. Let’s talk that pink tax, which is real and not fair. Sign up for the pink tax rebate and you can earn from sharing about it. I want to encourage you to educate yourself on the values of the companies you’re buying from.


The hype is real. This stuff works.

Products Purchased:

Have you used Billie before? Let me know your thought on it!

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