A Birthday Bucket List of Sorts (23 Things Before 24)

For my birthday… in September (LOL), Sam challenged me to write down 23 things I wanted to do before I turned 24. It was such a rewarding way for me to reflect on things I valued and to set goals for a year from then. It was much harder than I had expected and as the days, weeks, months passed I began to add onto my list knowing I’d be cutting it close to my next birthday.

Now, I am TWO months away from turning 24 and have checked off quite a few of those 23 things, but I have also managed to fail at several (everything bolded). That’s the beauty of creating a birthday bucket list. It’s okay to fail and to acknowledge that there is always room for improvement and growth.


  1. Go to NY

  2. See a show on Broadway

  3. Find + Buy a home

  4. Travel somewhere internationally - won’t happen this year

  5. Go camping - still have time

  6. Host a holiday party

  7. Have a worship night - still have time

  8. Read more - try to finish a book a month

  9. Take a little trip with Ev

  10. Break free of my feed and post about things I care about

  11. Find an official mentor

  12. Begin reading through the Bible in chronological order

  13. Drink more water daily - 2 cups during the day

  14. Work on mental health - start journaling more

  15. Give a sermon - upcoming

  16. Be more intentional with long distance friendships

  17. Attend a Conference - won’t happen this year

  18. Go to Trader Joe’s

  19. Work on memorizing a scripture a month

  20. Host more dinners at our home

  21. Start a book club - still have time

  22. Lead prophetic worship

  23. Take A Trip By Myself - upcoming

Birthday Bucket List | The Simplistic Chic
Birthday Bucket List | The Simplistic Chic

Here’s to being intentional with EVERY year of life and growing and failing, but always learning.

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