5 Tips to Better Skin

Let me be honest, I am fortunate to have good skin to begin with, and I know that's not the case for everyone. However, the older I have gotten, I've noticed blemishes, dark circles, have become prevalent.

5 Tips to Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic


Today, I am sharing 5 Tips To Better Skin.

5 Tips to Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic

1. Drink More Water

I am TERRIBLE at drinking water. For me, drinking more water looks like ordering water at restaurants over tea and not making as many Sonic trips. Basically, I TRY to choose water over any other beverages. 


5 Tips to Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic

2. Moisturize

Both my mom and grandmother use moisturizer everyday, and they have amazing skin. I always wear moisturizer under my makeup and try to put it on every night before bed. You don't have to purchase a super expensive one - in fact, mine is from T.J. Maxx. 

5 Tips to Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic

3. Invest In Oxygen Eye Masks

VIICode has amazing oxygen eye masks.  VIIcode eye masks are an 8-hour overnight treatment, differentiating it from other sheet masks. The material is gel-like and so soothing. I wear one once week! They have made all the difference when it comes to my dark circles. I'll post some before and afters on my Instagram.

5 Tips To Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic
5 Tips to Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic

4. Use Coconut Oil 

I have been using coconut oil instead of branded makeup remove wipes for several reasons: 1. I know what's in the coconut oil and can feel confident putting those ingredients on my face 2. It's also a moisturizer incase you're too lazy to moisturize your face too (we've all been there)! 3. It's the perfect eye makeup remover. 

5 Tips to Better Skin | The Simplistic Chic

5. Get Sleep

This seems easy enough but, to be honest, it's something I have really struggled with! I think our skin knows when we don't get sleep; we wake up feeling groggy and with breakouts we did not go to bed with. I always try and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Most of these tips are principles that my mom and grandmother drilled into me at a young age, and I am so thankful. It's never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin. I love practical ways to better my skin!

What are some ways you take care of your skin?

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