5 Tips To Adjusting To Life With A New Puppy

We’ve had our little guy for a little under four months, which is crazy considering I cannot imagine our life without him!

Theodore has brought us so much joy, but has also put us through a series of medical scares and hundreds of dollars in vet bills (sorry babe).

Theodore at 2 months old

Theodore at 2 months old

I know puppies were a lot of work. I grew up with family dogs but it is SO much different when YOU’RE the one constantly taking care of them. Shoutout to my parents because I didn’t do near enough what I should have to take care of our family pups.

While most of my close friends have babies which are a little ;) harder to take care of several of my friends have asked about getting a puppy and what the training process looks like.

Puppy Tips:

  1. Get Help

    If you have a friend, roommate, significant other, spouse, etc lean into them. The first few months are a little tough. You wake up numerous times throughout the night and when your puppy isn’t eating they are either getting into something they shouldn’t be or begging for your attention. I’m not suggesting you can’t have a puppy on your own but if possible help is ideal.

  2. Avoid Accidents

    I read so many blogs on training puppies. The best advice I was given was to avoid accidents. Watch your puppy like a hawk when you can, or put them in a crate while you’re getting ready for whatever you have going on. When I could tell Theo needed to go out, or when he was squatting to use the restroom, I would stop whatever I was doing and take him out. It’s not ideal but he learned SO fast. Also, if your puppy has an accident but you don’t see it or don’t know when it happened don’t punish them just let it go.

  3. Praise Your Pup

    Going off of avoiding accidents, praise your puppy. Praises go much further than punishment. When they go potty outside give them a treat and tell them how good they are.

  4. Cater To The Breed

    I have no idea how many dog breeds there are and apparently neither does google. Any-who, know what your breed needs. If you get a German Shepherd but can never be home or live in an apartment it might not be the best decision for you to get a dog at the moment. Different breeds have different needs and if you’re able to cater to your breed that’s ideal.

  5. Love The Heck Out Of Them

    I’ve lost two family dogs in my lifetime and it was so difficult. I always say our dogs need us more than we need them and I still believe that. Puppies are absolutely amazing and bring so much joy and fun. I have to say it - don’t get one if you aren’t going to put in the time!

Theodore at 3 months old

Theodore at 3 months old

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this tips helpful. I’d love to answer any questions you might have although I’m rather new at this.

Theodore at 5 months old

Theodore at 5 months old

What are some effective tips you implemented after getting a new puppy?


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